The work “Golden Land” was selected as the Monaco International Film Festival.


Monaco International Film Festival :  http://www.monacofilmfest.com/






The work “Farewell of July” was selected as “Delhi International Film Festival” in India.


Delhi International Film Festival  :  http://www.delhiinternationalfilmfestival.com/

自家製のサプリメント(白寿液)を製造している中島義男は薬草採 取のため夜ごと山奥に出掛けている。
中島には思いを寄せる女性がいるが、打ち明ける事も出来ずに ずっと独り身の生活を送っていた。
中島はある日、薬草採取に出掛けた山奥で金属探知器を駆使しな がら砂金を探す不思議な老人と出会う。
その老人も独り身で、探り出した砂金を売って生活費を賄うため に津々浦々を渡り歩いていると語る。中島はその老人の発する言 葉に共鳴し、互いに人生を語り合う仲になる。
長澤佳子は内職によって生活費を賄いながら薬物中毒の夫であ る公夫を抱えて苦悩の日々を送っている。 佳子は公夫に心の回復を図ろうと努力するが、自暴自棄の公夫に は伝わらず亀裂が深まる。
ある日、偶然手に入れたチケットで和太鼓のコンサートに出掛けた 中島と山田、そして長澤夫妻はそのコンサート会場で遭遇する。 そして、熱気に包まれたコンサート会場内で夫々の思いは交差し、 人生の新たな転換点を迎えることになる。


Yoshio Nakajima, who makes a living by manufacturing a homemade supplement called “Hakujueki,” goes out in mountain in order to gather herb materials.
There is a woman he has feelings for, but he doesn’t have a courage to ask her out.
So he has lived a single life.

One day, Mr.Nakajima goes deep in the mountain, where he comes upon a mysterious old man, who searches for gold in ground with a metal detector.
The old guy tells him that he is also single and is going around the country to make a living by selling gold he’s gathered.
From the moment they talked, they became good friends and they talks about their lives each other.

On the other hand, Yoshiko Nagasawa, whose husband, Kimio, suffers from drug addiction, lives a life of distress. She tries to help Kimio regain his mental health, but a desperate Kimio wouldn’t accept her advice, so their relationships are in danger now.

Then one day, those two couples go out for a concert of Japanese drum.
Now in the concert hall filled with excitement, their lives intersect each other, and every one of them comes to the turning point of his or her life...









The work “Live in SATSUMA” won “BEST DIRECTION Prize” at “Buddha International Film Festival” held in India.


BUDDHA International Film Festival:http://buddha.meditativeyoga.in/



There is a mountain where those who are tired of worldly life come around, as if led by something. And deep in that mountain an old couple live quietly, giving hands to those people.
No one knows whether the couple’s acts come from good will or pure madness.
And now a woman lost in life, makes her way to that mountain...


京都市内で中古車販売店の経営者をしている池田 勇(林 与一)は老境に入っても日々ギャンブルに明け暮れていた。
そして、池田はかつての友人の田口 旭(山田 昭二)に救いを求めるべく郷里の鹿児島に向かう。

【Short Synopsis】
Isamu Ikeda, who manages used car dealership in Kyoto, spends his days at gambling in his old age. Heavily in debts with loan sharks, he is pushed to the edge of bankruptcy.
And he makes up his mind to return to his hometown, hoping his old friend Akira Taguchi could save him. Now he is back in Kagoshima after 35 years of absence, and here again he faces another difficult trial...




- Short Synopsis -

This is the story about an old couple, who make a living by making tin products at home.
The husband, Jiro, as he is getting close to the age of his father’s death, begins to worry about the meaning of life. The wife, Nobuko, staying close to Jiro, decides to spend the rest of her time with him.
And now Jiro takes certain action, hoping to realize his ultimate goal...


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