2020/11/29 明覚寺《めいかくじ》(京都市下京区平野町783)において作品『黄金の大地』の上映会を行います。
この上映会は作品に出演されているギタリストの「ゆあさ まさや」氏とのコラボ企画です。
当日は『黄金の大地』の上映と「ゆあさ まさや」氏のギターのライブとなります。

期日: 2020/11/29 (日曜日)14:00~17:10


お問い合わせ:メールにて info@masayayuasa.com



《2020/11/29》 A screening of the film “Golden Land” will be held at Meikakuji Temple (783, Hirano-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto).

This screening is a collaboration project with the guitarist “Masaya Yuasa” who is appearing in the film.

On the day of the event, there will be a screening of “Golden Land” and a live performance of Mr. Masaya Yuasa’s guitar.

Date: 2020/11/29 (Sun) 14: 00 ~ 17: 10

Price: 2,500 yen

Inquiries: Email info@masayayuasa.com

* Advance reservation is required.













# 第3回国際映画祭受賞作品上映会




上映作品:京都早春 (Early Spring KYOTO) 英語字幕付・上映時間90分 パート・カラー

出演 林 与一・新井 晴み・山田 昭二・吉村 美奈子・弓澤 公望 他


開催期日:2020年3月1日 14:00〜16:00

開催地 :滋賀県守山市 守山市立図書館多目的ホール


定員  :50名



電話受付開始は10:00より 《090-1712-7822》へ《お名前と参加者数》をご連絡下さい。




《The screening of international film festival winning works》


#Supported by: Moriyama City Board of Education, Shiga Prefecture


The screening  in Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture.
The details are as follows.


Screening period: Sunday, March, 1, 14: 00-16:00

Film title : “Early Spring, Kyoto” with English subtitles

Screening place : Shiga Prefecture Moriyama City Library Multipurpose Room

Winning : Mumbai International Film Festival / Kerala International Film Festival / Kyoto International Film Festival

Capacity: 50 seats

Entrance fee: 500 yen


The Screening at Mumbai International Film Festival

‘Early Spring, Kyoto’: Mumbai Review


Zen meets ghosts in Hiroshi Toda’s sequel to ‘Summer, Kyoto’


As delicate as a film by Ozu, who is clearly writer-director Hiroshi Toda’s inspiration, Early Spring, Kyoto (Kyoto, Sosyum) is a parable-like ghost story that wouldn’t scare a fly. Almost a variation on the idiosyncratic Japanese director’s 2013  Summer, Kyoto, this tale of nostalgic spirits shows them hanging on to the living, much as the living hang on to them, until in the end everyone goes their own way the wiser for it. After bowing at Mumbai, these reflections on death and old age should make some more inroads for Toda (Night of Fish, Seventh Cat) on the festival circuit and could well entertain the older art house crowd.

The soul of the film is old-timer Kenichi (Yoichi Hayashi), a recent widower who still feels his late wife’s presence keenly. While he does the ironing in his one-room apartment, her ghost (Harumi Arai) hovers behind him with a loving smile. His daughter occasionally helps out in his small café, where he is learning to fix sandwiches alone. All this is closely observed.

All signs point to a lovely personality in this warm, masculine figure who likes to have his fortune told and is delighted when it reads “excellent”. A potentially threatening scuffle with two punks unexpectedly turns to humor when Kenichi turns out not to be the helpless old man they take him for. This has been ably foreshadowed in a brief scene in which he practices some gentle martial art by the riverside, so it doesn’t just come out of the blue.

There are life’s mysteries all around, like an old man (Shyoji Yamada) who roams the streets joyfully feeding cats and gulls, who claims not to remember his age. One could take him for the Buddha himself. He sets the stage for Kenichi’s close encounter with the dead in the long final sequence when he drives to a remote cemetery in a dark forest to inter his wife’s ashes in the family tomb. There he meets his still-beautiful childhood playmate Mitsuko, who looks remarkably like his dead wife. Desperately lonely, she lives with her bedridden mother who is 105 years old. How old, then, is Mitsuko?


As in Summer, Kyoto, Yoichi Hayashi is extremely dignified without being predictable as the old householder whose life is changed by a strange encounter. Playing the wide-eyed fellow who stares at the world in wonder, Shyoji Yamada (who also appears in Stairs of Spider as the UFO seeker) practically carries over his mystery character from Summer, Kyoto.

Toda rarely makes a misstep in this impressive low bow to the traditions of classic Japanese cinema. Guillaume Tauveron and Toda’s black and white camerawork skillfully incorporates some slow motion and jump cuts to Zen-like effect. The low camera and fixed frame use a restful black and white palette, until the final shots burst into color as though heralding springtime. Mica Toda’s plaintive melodies provide a subtle accompaniment to the protagonist’s inner journey.


Production companies: Skeleton Films, Hiroshi Toda Production
Yoichi Hayashi, Harumi Arai, Shyoji Yamada
Director, Screenwriter: Hiroshi Toda
Producers: Mica Toda, Masato Hanazawa
Directors of photography: Guillaume Tauveron, Hiroshi Toda
Editor: Hiroshi Toda
Music: Mica Toda
No rating, 90 minutes


Mumbai International Film Festival Review:




なお、12月1日のみ主演の「林 与一」が来場します。









上映作品:「京都、夏」(Summer, Kyoto) 英語字幕付 及び 「夏の宴」(Summer Tlip) 英語字幕付


定  員:100名




*ゲスト:主演の「林 与一」が来場します

上映作品:「黄金の大地」(Golden Land) 英語字幕付


定  員:100名



The screening of international film festival winning works


Supported by: Moriyama City Board of Education, Shiga Prefecture


Three films will be screened in two days in Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture.
The details are as follows.



Screening period: Wednesday, October 30, 13: 00-16: 40

Screening: “ Summer, Kyoto” with English subtitles and “Summer Tlip” with English subtitles

Screening place: Shiga Prefecture Moriyama City Library Multipurpose Room

Capacity: 100 seats

Entrance fee: 500 yen


Screening time: Sunday, December 1 13: 00-16: 40

Screening: “Golden Land” with English subtitles

Screening place: Shiga Prefecture Moriyama City Library Multipurpose Room

Capacity: 100 seats

Entrance fee: 500 yen

長澤佳子(長谷川)は内職によって生活費を賄いながら薬物中毒の夫である公夫(弓澤)を抱えて苦悩の日々を送っている。 佳子は公夫に心の回復を図ろうと努力するが、自暴自棄の公夫には伝わらず亀裂が深まる。
ある日、偶然手に入れたチケットで和太鼓のコンサートに出掛けた中島と山田、そして長澤夫妻。 熱気に包まれた会場内で夫々の思いは交差し、人生の新たな転換点を迎えることになる。


Yoshio Nakajima, who makes a living by manufacturing a homemade supplement called “Hakujueki,” goes out in mountain in order to gather herb materials. There is a woman he has feelings for, but he doesn’t have a courage to ask her out. So he has lived a single life.
One day, Mr.Nakajima goes deep in the mountain, where he comes upon a mysterious old man, who searches for gold in ground with a metal detector. The old guy tells him that he is also single and is going around the country to make a living by selling gold he’s gathered.
From the moment they talked, they became good friends and they talks about their lives each other.
On the other hand, Yoshiko Nagasawa, whose husband, Kimio, suffers from drug addiction, lives a life of distress. She tries to help Kimio regain his mental health, but a desperate Kimio wouldn’t accept her advice, so their relationships are in danger now.
Then one day, those two couples go out for a concert of Japanese drum.
Now in the concert hall filled with excitement, their lives intersect each other, and every one of them comes to the turning point of his or her life...



《上映会とDVD販売のご案内》: http://www.hiroshitodafilm.com










New film “GOLDEN LAND” five prizes won at the Monaco International Film Festival.


Monaco International Film Festival:http://www.monacofilmfest.com/







The work “Golden Land” was selected as the Monaco International Film Festival.


Monaco International Film Festival :  http://www.monacofilmfest.com/


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